Impact of Calais on Kent traffic demands better than short-fixes


It's not only in politics that a week is a long time. Last week our TV screens were dominated by scenes long queues of stationary lorries stacked up along the M20; of holiday makers stuck in jams; of residents unable to get out of nearby Kent villages and of local businesses losing trade with customers unable to get to them and orders unable to get out. All of them victims of a perfect storm of...

Devolution must reach people on the edge


Last year’s independence referendum, and the massive increase in support for the Scottish Nationalists at the General Election, have inevitably focused attention about how and where decisions should be made across the different nations of the UK. It’s also clear that big questions must be answered about how power is devolved – not only to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but within...

Why does the Northfield area have the worst record on low pay in the country?


Earlier this year it was revealed that the Northfield constituency has the worst record in the country for low pay. Over 50% of people in this area are paid less than the living wage of £7.85 an hour – reaching up to 63.1% for women. As I said at the time, it is an absolute scandal that over half of local working people are not being paid enough to provide properly for themselves and their...

STOP PRESS – Planning Inspector Rejects Sainsbury’s Appeal


VICTORY FOR LOCAL PEOPLE AS PLANNING INSPECTOR REJECTS THE APPEAL BY SAINSBURYS TO BUILD SUPERMARKET ON SITE OF NAVIGATION PUB… News has just come through that the Independent Planning Inspector has rejected an appeal by Sainsbury’s to build a supermarket on the site of the Navigation pub, near Kings Norton Green. Your local Labour team – Richard Burden, Councillor Peter Griffiths and...

The Sikh Manifesto – 2015


Sikhs are a valued part of our community both here in the West Midlands and nationally. It is really important that the voices of Sikhs are heard, so I welcome the publication of the Sikh Manifesto which rightly highlights the enduring historical bonds between Sikhs and the UK – as well as key present and future issues. These range from better recognition of Sikhs in public life here in the...

Dave drops by and ignores food banks again


Well, well. I hear David Cameron has parachuted into Longbridge today. You know the kind of thing: quick photo opportunity with hard hat, Tory candidate in tow and meet as few local people as possible. We've seen quite a few of these flag waving visits from Tory ministers in recent months. It's a pity the rest of us couldn't ask Mr Cameron a few questions during his whistle-stop today, about what...

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