Reflections on the election: How we take things forward in Northfield


Notes from 4 Workshops at a Members and Supporters Meeting on 3 July 2015

Last month a large gathering of Labour Party Members and Supporters met to review the lessons of the recent elections, and to work out how best we can move forward.

Before we broke into four workshops (see below), I opened the event with some personal reflections on the election and on the future. Read my notes here.

The workshops

In the workshops led by local Councillors and members they considered what was needed to tackle some of the fundamental problems facing Northfield, South West Birmingham and the UK as a whole. To read what the workshops concluded, follow the links below:

Workshop 1: Low Pay
Workshop 2: Children and Young People
Workshop 3: Housing
Workshop 4: The Private Sector

Many of the points made are already Labour Party policy, but inevitably some proposals go beyond existing commitments. They represent the views of those who turned up on the day.

Next Meeting – Fancy Coming Along?

They are placed here as a starting point for further discussion – which will take place when the CLP Members will meet again on 18 September, at Greaves Hall, Kings Norton, Birmingham, B38 9LX.

At the last count there are now over 600 Labour Party Members and Supporters in the area. It would be great to welcome as many of you as possible.

At the meeting we will revisit some of the issues covered in the first meeting and how they will impact young people and future generations in more detail, considering low pay, low skills and poor-quality and unaffordable housing. If you have any ideas on other topics that you’re passionate about or want to learn more about, please get in touch.

For our Party to win again in 5 years’ time it has to offer real hope and engage with the concerns of young people in our communities. These notes – and the process that created them – are a small start towards working out what is needed to make this possible.

Please read them, and send any comments to CLP Policy Chair, Andrew Coulson and myself.
If you are interested in attending the next meeting please RSVP to

Alternatively if you have other ideas for local Labour events, please also get in touch.

Meanwhile for those of you going away I hope you have a lovely time – and see you, as many as possible, in the autumn.

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