My Parliamentary Report to the People of Birmingham Northfield


Front Cover2I am very pleased to send you my report of some of the things I have been doing over the last year as your Member of Parliament.

Times have been tough here in the past few years. Month by month local people have been seeing the prices of food, heating and travel rise faster than their wages. The number of residents – especially those under 24 – out of a job for over a year is unacceptably high.

I also know that many people feel that political parties do not listen enough. I have always tried to be a different kind of politician.

Not the kind who buys a house in the area to keep up appearances – but someone who has genuinely lived here for many years. It is why I stand up for our community in Parliament and why I want residents to have more say in the issues that matter to you. It is why I want this area to get a fair deal from the government so it can CLIMB to a new future. And why I will always be straight with local people when there are difficult decisions to make. People are fed up with politicians who will say and claim anything just to get your vote.

All this is why the Choice that people in Northfield face in the General Election next May is so important. It is why I know we need a Labour Government to get rid of David Cameron and help create a Britain that works together, not just for the privileged few. There is a lot more to do – both locally and nationally.

I hope you enjoy reading this report. And, as ever, I want to know your views so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can read the report here: Richard Burden MP Parliamentary Report 2014

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I was Labour Member of Parliament for Birmingham Northfield between 1992 and 2019 and a former Shadow Transport Minister. I now chair Healthwatch in Birmingham and Solihull, and the West Midlands Board of Remembering Srebrenica. I also work as a public affairs consultant. I am an effective community advocate and stakeholder alliance builder with a passion for human rights. I am a trustee of the Balfour Project charity and of Citizens Advice Birmingham, and a former Chair of Medical Aid for Palestinians.

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