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My first ever ‘Ask Me Anything’ session will be held on my Facebook & Twitter pages at 5.30 – 6.30 pm on Tuesday 4th June 2013 . I will be online, waiting to give live answers to questions from anyone who posts on my Facebook or Twitter pages during the hour.

Social media offers so many exciting opportunities for politicians to engage with constituents in a very rapid and candid way. With such fantastic technology available at our finger tips, we can utilise this to help us represent you – the people who elect us. I want to reach out to people in as many ways as I can and hope that people will take up the opportunity to ‘Ask Me Anything’.  It will give constituents the opportunity to get the answers they need, and to learn more about me both as a person and a politician.

As the title of the event suggests, I will take questions on any general topic, and answer them in the order the questions are received on Facebook and Twitter. The intention is to give all the people of Birmingham Northfield the opportunity to ask a Member of Parliament any question about what I do, think, enjoy, hate, and am interested in, that they would like to know the answer to. From my favourite bands, sports, movies, or books, to what it is like working in the Houses of Parliament, to what is the strangest or most surreal thing I’ve seen, to what I love most about being your MP, this is everyone’s chance to ask.

The only rule is that you cannot ask questions that you would be unwilling to answer about yourself on a public forum such as Facebook and Twitter, or that you disclose private information that you would be unwilling to share about yourself or others in your questions.

If people find this Ask Me Anything fun and informing and it gets more people involved in politics, then I will do it more regularly. So please get in touch, and I look forward to starting the conversation! I’ll see you at 5.30pm on 4th June 2013!

Just visit my Facebook and ‘Like’ the page at:

Alternatively you can ‘Follow’ my Twitter page at:

Please note that due to the Parliamentary timetable, the date and time may be subject to change.

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I was Labour Member of Parliament for Birmingham Northfield between 1992 and 2019 and a former Shadow Transport Minister. I now chair Healthwatch in Birmingham and Solihull, and the West Midlands Board of Remembering Srebrenica. I also work as a public affairs consultant. I am an effective community advocate and stakeholder alliance builder with a passion for human rights. I am a trustee of the Balfour Project charity and of Citizens Advice Birmingham, and a former Chair of Medical Aid for Palestinians.

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