Have your say on May 7!


Today is National Voter Registration Day!

As I’ve highlighted before on my website, new rules set out by the Government now prevent an individual from registering other people in their house to vote.

This means every member of a shared house must register individually. Consequently raising awareness of National Voter Registration Day is even more important as parents can no longer sign up adult children and Universities can no longer sign up students.

I know how fed up people can be with the way the world of politics seems to operate. All too often it can seem like political parties are speaking a different language. But the decisions that politicians take effect everybody –whether those decisions are taken in Government or the Council. So it is important that everybody is able to their say. But unless you register to vote, you lose your voice on issues that directly affect you, your family and your friends.

Elections are one way you can have that voice. At the next one on May 7 there is a big choice. There is a choice between a Government who looks out for a few, raising VAT and living costs whilst giving a tax cut to millionaires, or a Labour Government, committed to raising the minimum wage, investing in the NHS, reforming the energy markets and private rented housing sector and building 200,000 homes a year.

It only takes 5 minutes to #RegisterToVote online, do it now: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

Once you’ve registered, you should also share, tweet or email this post to friends to make sure they register to vote too.

I also want to say well done to Bite the Ballot for organising today’s National Voter Registration Day. I also take my hat off to Hope Not Hate, Operation Black Vote, student unions, trade unions, faith groups and others who are out today signing people up.

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