Three years on, time for the MG Rover inquiry to report its findings


After the collapse of MG Rover in 2005 an independent inquiry was established to investigate what led to the collapse.

Three years on, there is growing concern about the time it is taking for this inquiry to report its findings and the increasing cost.

Richard Burden, as the local MP, has been vocal on the importance of the MG Rover Inquiry and the need for it to report as soon as possible.

In March last year Richard wrote to the Inspectors in charge of the Inquiry to request that they complete this as soon as practicable. He emphasised his concern about the cost of the investigation and told the Inspectors whilst they should not compromise on thoroughness, that they should keep the expense down to a minimum.

Over the last year Richard has continued to call on the Inspectors to report their findings.

Commenting today on the ongoing MG Rover Inquiry, Richard said:

‘I don’t know how long it took to write War and Peace – but it certainly looks like the Rover Inspectors are trying to trump it.

‘MG Rover was at the heart of the local community. And this Inquiry is important for our local community – until it concludes, there can be no closure on the closure.

‘There is a danger that when the Inquiry does report all anyone will talk about is the time and the cost – rather than the actual findings. Quite simply, the sooner it can report, the better.

‘My real concern now is not just that it is taking so long – but that there is an absolute silence on why it is taking so long. If there is a problem then we need to know.

‘In the meantime, the clock is ticking, the costs are mounting and the people of Longbridge are left waiting.’

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