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Articles about ‘MG Rover’

Disqualification of Phoenix Four Directors

You may have seen the news last week that the Phoenix Four, the former bosses of MG Rover, have been disqualified as company directors.

The independent inquiry into the collapse of MG Rover, which reported its findings in 2009, was damning for the Phoenix Four. The picture that emerged was of millions being made not from the engineering of cars but from the engineering of company finances. Read more

Pride of Longbridge

Yesterday former MG Rover employees, MG Rover and Austin enthusiasts, community groups and the new MG car company all came together in Cofton Park to celebrate our pride in Longbridge.

Pride of Longbridge was a wonderful day. A celebration of why the name was synonymous with the motor industry throughout the 20th Century. It was great to see Austin, MG and Rover enthusiasts swopping stories with the people who made the cars that they drive. I don’t think there is any other factory in the UK that has such an atmosphere around it. Read more

New MG6 rolls off production line at Longbridge

Today I was in Longbridge to watch the first new MG6 roll off the production line. This is a real milestone for Longbridge and for the automotive industry in the West Midlands.

Longbridge has been through dark days. Nobody around here will forget how it felt, six years ago this week, when the MG Rover plant closed its doors for the last time and over 6,000 people lost their jobs. Read more

MG Rover Trust Fund – bank wrangles no excuse for delay

Payments due to former MG Rover workers should not be delayed by contractual wrangles between Lloyds/HBOS and the Phoenix Four.

The Phoenix Directors still have it in their power to end the delay and to get money into the Trust Fund for their former employees. They have already had to wait five years – and that’s five years too long. Read more

5 years on: Phoenix 4 must do the right thing by former Rover workers

This week is the 5th year anniversary of the closure of MG Rover. I am calling on the Phoenix Directors to finally end the delay on the trust fund and do the right thing by their former employees.

Will you join me in calling for an end to the delay? Read more