Gaza needs a real ceasefire


Gaza needs a real humanitarian lifeline and an immediate end to attacks, not just a three hour break in violence’, Richard Burden MP has said today.

Responding to the halt of Israeli military operations for three hours earlier today Mr Burden, Chair of the Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary Group, said:

‘The people of Gaza have been holed up in their homes for 12 days now. They have been subject to attacks from sea and air virtually around the clock. In the last few days they have also been hit by Israeli tanks and artillery shells. More than 600 Palestinians are now believed to have been killed – more than 200 of them children.

‘To see people emerging for three hours to bury their dead and queue for food only underlines that we need a real ceasefire not just a three hour break before the slaughter starts up once more. As UNRWA has said today: “When you are trying to feed 750,000 people a day in Gaza as we are, you need a permanent ceasefire. You can’t do that in a three-hour window.” Let’s hope that the ceasefire plan being promoted by Egypt, France and others brings real results.

‘In any event, the international community must make sure a real humanitarian corridor is established without delay for the safe delivery of food, medicine and other essential supplies through to all the towns in Gaza.

‘The onslaught on Gaza must be brought to an end. Obviously for a ceasefire to succeed it needs to apply to both sides. That’s why the rocket attacks on Southern Israel must also cease. And the blockade, which has imprisoned the people of Gaza for nearly two years now, must also be brought to an end.’

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