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You have until 23:59 tonight to register to vote so that you can have your say in the EU Referendum. Registering only takes a few minutes and this is the last chance you’ll have. Even if you’re not sure about voting or what your decision is, at least register so that you have the option to vote two weeks from now – you may regret not being able to vote!

This is a moment where you control the country’s future and every vote will count. Unlike a General Election, there are no “safe seats” in this referendum. Don’t worry if you don’t have your national insurance number, in most cases you can still register without it.

Don’t miss out on this historic opportunity to have your say. Register in minutes here:


With winter and colder weather on the way, I want to encourage everyone to take advantage of available help, support and techniques for keeping energy bills low and heat efficiency high.

There are a number of schemes available which you may be able to benefit from.

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Assisted Dying Bill

Hundreds of you have got in touch with me about the Assisted Dying Bill. The Bill comes up for debate in the House of Commons this Friday (11th September).

Over the past weeks and months I have sent individual replies to as many people as possible. However, the sheer quantity of e-mails I have received – both for and against the Bill – means that I have not been able to get back to everybody before it comes up for debate.

In order to reach as many local people ahead of the debate as possible, you can see a copy of my initial response below, which outlines my views as well as links to more information about the Bill.

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Future of services at Pocklington Place

Govt must take care on Care and Support proposals

Today there are hundreds of thousands of disabled and older people who are not getting the social care support they need to live their lives with dignity and independence. What is more, carers up and down the country are not receiving the recognition or rewards they so thoroughly deserve.

The need for a Care and Support Bill has been long overdue. So I am glad the Coalition has put forward proposals that many of us on the Labour benches have been calling for. Over 150 constituents have also got in touch with me in support of the principle but at the same time, their letters, emails and postcards have been asking for assurances that the Bill will be properly funded. Read more