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Motor industry

Having Longbridge in the constituency – and Jaguar Land Rover not far away – means that manufacturing and motor industry affairs are a key local issue.

The collapse of MG Rover in 2005 has had an enormous impact on our local community and continues to present major economic challenges – as well as opportunities with the regeneration of the former site and new MGs now being made at Longbridge.

I also take a strong interest in motor sport – both as a fan of the sport and because of its importance as a UK industry. I have a motor sport licence and used to race in both Formula Vee and Sports 2000. In fact, I am a proud winner of the House of Commons vs House of Lords motor race.

In Parliament I chair the All-Party Parliamentary Motor Group (APMG), which seeks to address issues of strategic importance to the UK automotive industry, the motorsport industry and vehicle users and to promote dialogue between politicians, industry, vehicle users and other stakeholders.

You can take a look at the APMG’s website online here.

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