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What difference would a Labour Government make?

I was recently asked by the Fabian Society to answer a simple question – why does it matter? What difference would a Labour Government make?

In my response, I call for a Labour government to achieve a whole new political promise, and a new way to deliver, in 2015. One nation Britain must be nothing less than a vision of a new social contract between state and citizens. We must be unambiguous in our commitment to end the rising inequality of Tory Britain, and ensure prosperity is fairly shared. Equally, we must deliver a contract that gives everyone a stake – putting communities and people at the heart of politics. David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ distorted and disfigured the themes of community empowerment and localism.  But, as I argue in this Fabian essay, these themes must be central to our one nation vision.

It’s an enormous challenge for Labour, but we can achieve it – by thinking universally and acting locally.

You can read my full Fabian essay here.