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Future of housing in Birmingham

Thank you to everyone who submitted their views to Labour’s policy commission looking at the future of housing in Birmingham.

You can read our report online here.

We received evidence from a wide range of people and organisations both locally and nationally. This evidence was very helpful in framing the ideas and perspectives which the policy commission put forward as part of the Birmingham Labour manifesto process.

The policy commission’s report was an interim one, written as a ‘work in progress’ to be presented to the Birmingham Labour Group, rather than a comprehensive blueprint for housing policy. The report also predated Birmingham Labour’s manifesto, published for the local elections, which has the status of Birmingham Labour Party policy.

We hope the report, the work of the policy commission and the evidence submitted will all contribute to the debate about how Birmingham as a whole can tackle the major housing challenges we face and the role housing can play in delivering partnership working and community empowerment.

Read more about the housing policy commission online here.