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Articles about ‘Animal welfare’

Animal Welfare Round-Up – October 2016

Welcome to my latest Animal Welfare Round-Up. This is a newsletter I send out every two months to update you on the issues that many of you get in touch with me about. This allows me to update you on the action I’ve been taking on your behalf on these issues. You can find my previous AWRUs here.

Bees and Pesticides

This issue is one that I’ve received the most emails from constituents about in recent months. Quite rightly, many people have been worried about the declining bee population and the impact this would have if the downward trend continues. There have also been concerns that the government may relax restrictions on the use of certain pesticides, particularly in light of Brexit. I wrote to the government about bees and pesticides earlier this year and you can read the government’s response to my letter here. I will be continuing to monitor this. Read more

Understanding the new world we are in

Three weeks ago it all felt so different. Britain had not yet voted to leave the European Union. The Pound had not plummeted. The Bank of England had not yet had to step in to steady the situation. The Prime Minister had not announced his resignation and the UK’s major political parties had yet not appeared to be in turmoil.

None of us have lived through anything quite like this before and nobody can know what lies ahead. As we now try to navigate a new course through the uncharted waters which lie ahead, though, here are some markers that I believe should guide us.

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I want to hear your views on the EU

On 23rd June, every one of us will have the chance to decide for ourselves whether to cast our votes for or against Britain remaining in the European Union. It is a big decision and it is a tough one. Talking to people around here in the last few weeks, though, I know that people are getting really fed up with the bitterness and backbiting that has often disfigured the debate. People also tell me how frustrated they feel when both sides bombard them with what they claim are “facts” but which are so contradictory that they end up creating more fog than clarity.

Like you, I have one vote on June 23 and, like you, I’ll vote for what – as an individual – I think is right for the future of our country.

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Animal Welfare Round-Up #6 – May 2016

Welcome to my latest Animal Welfare Round-Up. I send these out every two months so I can update you on the action I’ve been taking on animal welfare issues that many of you get in touch with me about.You can find my previous AWRUs on my website.



Animal Welfare Codes U-Turn
Since my last AWRU, the government has announced and then u-turned on a plan to repeal the Animal Welfare Codes. These ensure animal welfare standards, particularly within farming. A repeal would have allowed the industry to regulate its own standards, including with chickens, cattle, sheep and pigs. Charities were concerned that the move would lead to weaker standards and lead to fewer prosecutions. Read more

The EU has been ahead of the curve on animal welfare

piglet and lambWhilst debate about the EU often focuses on the economic and political advantages, I wanted to put the spotlight on the EU’s largely overlooked role in improving the lives of animals. Over the past 25 years the EU has been responsible for improving the quality of animals’ lives and preventing cruelty. The bar has been raised not only in Britain but across all member states. Read more