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Fly Tipping in Longbridge

This alleyway in Longbridge became a dumping ground for old fridges and a lot of other things and was a safety hazard, particularly for local children. I was pleased to work with local Labour Councillor, Andy Cartwright to get it cleared this week. You can see some “before and after” photos here.

Fly-tipping of rubbish, whether of old fridges, household rubbish or garden waste is something which rightly angers local people. They want the Council to keep the streets clean and as the local MP, I agree with them about that. I am regularly on to Birmingham Council to clear away the piles of rubbish that too often litter our roads. For months now, I’ve also calling for change to policies -like garden waste collection charges- which end up aggravating the problem of dumped rubbish.

People are right to want the Council to do its job better and quicker. People are also right to be angered by those who object when others dump rubbish, but who think it doesn’t count if they do it themselves. Fly-tipping is anti-social behaviour. End of.