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Labour launches Animal Welfare Plan

The Labour Party has launched our Animal Welfare Plan which contains 50 policy proposals out for consultation. This is the next stage in Labour’s animal welfare agenda and seeks feedback on some of the measures we would seek to bring in under the next Labour government.

Labour has a proud record on animal welfare. From bringing forward the landmark Hunting Act to protecting the treatment of domestic animals under the Animal Welfare Act, Labour has always placed the welfare of animals high on the policy agenda. It is now time to update existing legislation, in order to ensure that we still have the best standards of animal welfare in the world.

Labour’s Animal Welfare Plan seeks to build a comprehensive, long term and ambitious vision on animal welfare for the country. Our vision is one where no animal is made to suffer unnecessary pain and degradation and where we continue to drive up standards and practice in line with the most recent advances and understanding.

We are seeking views on measures that will underpin the next phase of animal welfare legislation under the next Labour government. I would encourage you to have a look at our Animal Welfare Plan and share your views. You can find Labour’s ‘Animal Welfare For The Many, Not The Few’ document here –