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Statement on MG’s announcement to cease assembly at Longbridge

Responding to news that MG intend to cease assembling vehicles at the Longbridge site, Richard Burden MP said:

“MG’s decision to close its assembly line at Longbridge is hugely disappointing and I believe it is premature. I understand the business concerns that MG have surrounding costs of assembly at Longbridge, which have undoubtedly been aggravated by problems with the strength of the pound. However, more discussions should have taken place to explore alternatives and options before any decisions were finalised.

“Having spoken to the Government, I know they are willing to meet MG to discuss and explore options and help that may be available and I am sure the same will be true for the local authority and the Local Enterprise Partnership. That is why I have appealed to MG to delay this decision pending such detailed meetings.

“I’m therefore disappointed that this announcement has been made in advance of those further meetings taking place. I’m pleased that MG want to continue their operation in the UK, including the successful Shanghai Automotive Technical Centre at Longbridge which is associated with MG. We can build on that and that is another reason why I think this announcement is premature. It is vital that MG get around the table with myself, government, LEP and Birmingham City council to try to find a solution. The voice of employees through their trade unions also needs to be heard. We need to do this in the interests of my constituents, local business and the broader automotive industry.”

You can find out more about the announcement on the BBC, Birmingham Mail and B31 Voices



Last week it was a pleasure to declare my support for the Royal British Legion and Poppyscotland’s ‘Count Them In’ campaign. This calls for questions on the Armed Forces community to be included in the next UK census.

There are over 6 million members of this community in the UK, but little is known about their exact numbers, location and needs. It is important that we know these statistics so that public bodies, local authorities, charities and the government are able to deliver the best services and support they can.

You can find out more about this campaign or sign up here: and using #CountThemIn

Launching a new course to inspire the next generation of engineers

What the Boundary review means for Birmingham Northfield


The initial proposals for boundary changes were published this morning by Boundary Commission England. They are only proposals and could yet be subject to change through the consultation and review periods ahead.

However, in terms of the proposals in front of us now, Birmingham would be set to lose one Parliamentary seat overall. Under the Boundary Commission’s proposals, there would still be a Parliamentary constituency called Birmingham Northfield but it would be different from the current one. The “building blocks” of Parliamentary constituencies are Council wards. In our case, therefore, the current Birmingham Northfield constituency is made up of the following Birmingham City Council wards: Longbridge, Kings Norton, Northfield and Weoley. Read more

The EU referendum result and its implications

In the weeks following the EU Referendum I have received hundreds of items of correspondence from constituents. I have written to constituents who have contacted me regarding the EU referendum result and its implications, and I intend to continue to give EU updates as often as possible. This is what I said: Read more