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Why local Tories are keeping residents in the dark

Libraries, leisure centres, crematoriums and now street lights. It seems that nothing is safe from Tory porkies. They seem to be making a bit of a habit of it don’t they?

Residents in the Longbridge ward of the Northfield District recently received a letter from the Tory prospective candidate for Northfield, Rachel MacLean, about the street lights in their area. It claimed that earlier in the year the City Council had proposed to dim or switch off street lights in Birmingham. The letter  claimed 157 roads in Longbridge would now see street lights turned down or off completely – compared with 5 in Lozells and East Handsworth.

Time to get the fact checker out again.

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I want to hear your views on immigration…

Public Discussion with Richard Burden MP

6.30pm, 29 January 2014

Northfield Baptist Church, 789 Bristol Road South, Northfield, B31 2NQ

I know that many people in this area want politicians to talk about immigration. And so we should. It is a really important issue for local people and that is why I am writing to you today.

People are concerned about the management of immigration, and they are worried about the impact it can have on lots of things – from jobs and wages, to public services like the NHS and housing.

I know what people want is open and honest discussion. That means talking about the mistakes political parties – including my own – have made in the past. It also means busting some of the myths that surround the issue, and setting out how immigration policy will be fair for the future. But above all, it means really listening to people’s views.

That’s why I am inviting residents of the Northfield area at an event early in the New Year to discuss immigration. It’s also why I have developed a survey so I can hear local people’s views and concerns about the issue. You can complete it here. I will be sharing the results of this survey at the public meeting in January, where I look forward to having an in-depth discussion about the issues people have raised.

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Green Waste – Council Must Take a Step Back Until Labour MP’s Questions are Answered

The Overview and Scrutiny report into Birmingham City Council’s Green Waste policies and charges published today is a serious piece of work that demands serious attention by Council leaders.

Today’s findings underline that there are real issues with the Council’s green waste charge and that its introduction earlier this year was badly mismanaged. As a result public confidence in the system evaporated. That’s why I am calling on the Council to change course, and suspend the charge to allow time for the Scrutiny Committee’s findings and recommendations to be properly considered.

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Letter to Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council

I have been raising concerns about the changes to the green waste collection service with the City Council since early this year.

In September I submitted evidence to Birmingham City Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s Inquiry into the Green Waste Collection Service – calling for a suspension of the charge. You can read the inquiry’s report here.

In the meantime, though, residents in Birmingham have continued to struggle with the charge. So on behalf Birmingham’s eight Labour MPs, I recently wrote to the Council’s Chief Executive with a series of questions about the Council’s assumptions about the operation of the service in 2015 -and how quickly improvements to the system can realistically be introduced.

We want clear assurances that the situation will be fundamentally different in the coming year.

You can read the letter here.


The Choice in 2015

There is a revealing article in today’s press about how the Conservatives are hoping that wealthy backers pumping shed loads of money into constituencies will swing May’s election their way.

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