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Chaotic Government Funding Fails to Fix Pothole Epidemic

Ludicrous. A lottery. These are just some of the terms being used to describe the Government’s approach to roads maintenance, after the Public Accounts Committee issued a damning report into funding arrangements this week.

The all-party committee of MPs responsible for scrutinising public spending have concluded this Government’s stop-start approach to roads maintenance funding is wasting taxpayers’ money and failing to deliver better roads. Labour’s Chair of the Committee, Margaret Hodge, has hit out at a Government who cut road maintenance budgets by £1.2 billion upon entering office – only to sign last minute checks on nine separate occasions because the pothole problem has got out of control.

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The buses arriving in Northfield on Sunday…

People from the local Labour Party in Northfield were out with me today in support of the NHS. I say “local” because the Conservative Party are holding their national conference in Birmingham and their London HQ is boasting that they are going to bus large numbers of people attending the conference from different parts of the country down to Northfield on Sunday afternoon. Their job, I hear, is to tell people everyone that things are going splendidly and how grateful they should be to messrs Cameron and Osborne.

Somehow, I think people won’t be too happy to be lectured in this way, however many busloads the Conservatives decide to import for the day.

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My Views on IS and the Middle East

Ahead of the recall of Parliament tomorrow, I want to update local people about my view on IS and the current situation in the Middle East.

Like many British people, I opposed the US/UK invasion of Iraq in 2003. I believe that some of the chaos we now see in that part of the world today is, at least partly, a legacy of that action. But I do not believe that affects the urgency of the situation in Iraq and Syria right now.

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Public Meeting on North Worcestershire Golf Course

Just a short note to keep you up to date with where things are up to with The North Worcestershire Golf Course issue.

Last Friday (19th September) I attended a public meeting with Bloor Homes which was organised by the Council’s Longbridge Ward Committee. @b31Voices tweeted regular reports from the meeting as it was taking place but I thought It may also be helpful for me to do a round-up of what… happened.

The meeting was chaired by local Labour Councillor Andy Cartwright. Labour Councillors from nearby wards, Brett O’Reilly and Peter Griffiths, also came along to hear residents views. Although they knew about the meeting, unfortunately no representatives of the Conservative Party turned up for the meeting but I hope they may decide to do so in future as this should be a cross-party issue.

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The latest on Kings Norton Planning Applications

Thanks to businesses and residents in Kings Norton for the comments you have sent to me about the planning applications from Sainsburys and the Coop to build new stores next to or near Kings Norton Green.

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