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Recall of MPs Bill – My Views

Lots of local people have written to me about the Recall of MP’s Bill, which is currently being considered in Committee Stage in the House of Commons.

I absolutely support the principle of right to recall when an MP has done something wrong. I think it would be really important for strengthening our democracy – and may go some way to help to restore public trust in politics. I do not believe the Bill that the Government has brought forward is strong enough – which is why Labour is seeking to widen the scope of offences in which and MP could be recalled, and reduce the number of days of suspension which would trigger the recall process. As a Party, we have long championed the right of recall – and it was in our last Manifesto.

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Refused Planning Application for Crematorium, New Inns Lane

I am delighted that Bromsgrove Council have refused the planning application for a crematorium off New Inns Lane on the Birmingham/Bromsgrove border. As I said in the representations I put to Bromsgrove Council on this , there were just too many unanswered questions about how the extra traffic could have been accommodated on that road.

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Back to the Future at Longbridge

“Back to the Future” was the theme of the first ever Light Festival at Longbridge on Saturday. Hopefully, it will be the first of many. And “Back to the Future” pretty much summed up the theme of my whole weekend.

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Post Office in Allens Cross Area

I wanted to let residents in the Allens Cross Area know that Post Office Ltd have sent me a letter outlining changes they are considering making to the Post Office on Merritts Brook Lane. A copy of their proposals for the area can be found here.

They want to know local people’ views on this and you can see how to give yours on this letter too.

Along with local Labour campaigner for the Allens Cross area, Steve Booton, I would also like to know peoples view on the proposed change. Please do get in touch to let me know your views.

Fair Pay for Our NHS Staff

With prices rising faster than wages, the last few years have been tough for public sector workers – including those in the NHS, who work incredibly hard, and often in challenging circumstances. It is a scandal that this Government went against the advice of the NHS Pay Review Body. George Osborne has broken his promise that there would be a 1% rise in public sector pay until 2015.

If the Government had not wasted £3 billion on an unnecessary top-down re-organisation that nobody wanted, the NHS would have be in a much better financial position than it was today. Instead, David Cameron’s costly reforms have resulted in six figure pay offs for thousands of senior managers and pay cuts for nurses.

Labour has pledged a new £2.5 billion fund to give NHS staff the time they need to care. And with 4.8 million workers in the country currently not being paid enough to get by, we are supporting the principle of a living wage too. Our NHS workers deserve to be properly rewarded for the vital work they do.

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