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My Resignation as Shadow Transport Minister

I have just sent the below letter of resignation to Jeremy Corbyn.

I have done so with a heavy heart. Jeremy is a friend and someone who I have worked with for many years. However, I hope the attached letter of resignation sets out why I believe the current situation has become untenable and cannot be allowed to continue any longer.

You can also find links below to copies of the letter I sent to members and supporters yesterday, and an article I wrote during last year’s leadership election. I hope these also help explain the context for my decision.

I know some of you will support my decision. Others will not. At the end of the day, however, I have to be true to myself and that is why I have submitted my resignation.

My email to constituents yesterday:
My article on the Labour Leadership contest, Aug 2015: Read more

My Thoughts on Brexit and Our Future

Yesterday I wrote to members of my Constituency Labour Party on the challenges ahead after last week’s referendum. This is what I said:

Dear Member/Supporter,

Describing the events of the past week or so as momentous doesn’t really come close to it, does it?

Britain votes to leave the European Union of which we have been part of for over forty years. And by doing so our country enters completely unchartered waters. The Pound plummets and there is huge uncertainty about what lies ahead, prompting urgent action by the Governor of the Bank of England to steady the situation, at least in the short term. Read more

In Memory of Jo Cox

Friend, comrade and fellow boat-dweller. Rest in peace, Jo. You made a difference and we will miss you x

Jo Cox


201606 Carers Week

Yesterday I pledged my support for Carers Week 2016. Across the UK there are 6.5m people providing unpaid care for an ill, older or disabled family member or friend, with 11,243 of those in Birmingham Northfield. There are also a lot of people who do not identify themselves as carers because they see what they do as part and parcel of family life, helping to support those closest to them when they need help. Read more



You have until 23:59 tonight to register to vote so that you can have your say in the EU Referendum. Registering only takes a few minutes and this is the last chance you’ll have. Even if you’re not sure about voting or what your decision is, at least register so that you have the option to vote two weeks from now – you may regret not being able to vote!

This is a moment where you control the country’s future and every vote will count. Unlike a General Election, there are no “safe seats” in this referendum. Don’t worry if you don’t have your national insurance number, in most cases you can still register without it.

Don’t miss out on this historic opportunity to have your say. Register in minutes here: