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Labour’s 10 point plan to tackle tax avoidance

I am very concerned with the huge amount of money that big companies avoid paying in taxes. This is not just a problem here in the UK but across the world. Countries are losing billions each year and the impact of globalisation has made it ever more difficult to pin down dodgers.

The UK tax code is very extensive and technical. The loopholes which companies exploit are technically legal and when Parliament attempts to close loopholes, very often another one opens. The biggest frustration I have is that despite their legality, they are so blatantly immoral and undermine the wishes of Parliament and the public.

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Northfield Community Response

Community leaders in Northfield have joined together to co-author a response to the tragic events last week (Friday 24th).

Read it here: Northfield community response – 20 April 2015

Zero Hours Contracts

Millions of people in this country are struggling on low pay at the moment. The economy may now be recovering – but it is the slowest recovery the country has seen in a hundred years and I know that many people in the Northfield area just are not feeling the benefits of it all. People are on average £1,600 a year worse off since the Conservative-led Government was elected in 2010.

Far too many of the jobs that have been created here in the past five years are low paid, part time, temporary or on zero-hours contracts.

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My Views on Fracking

Lots of local residents have written to me with their concerns about shale gas extraction – or fracking.

Firstly, I am absolutely clear that shale gas extraction – or ‘fracking’ – should only go ahead in the context of robust regulation, comprehensive monitoring and strict enforcement, and in a way which is consistent with decarbonising our electricity supply by 2030.

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Have you registered to vote?

It only takes 5 minutes to #RegisterToVote online, do it now:

Unless you register to vote, you lose your voice on issues that directly affect you, your family and your friends.

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