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Reflections on the election: How we take things forward in Northfield

Last month a large gathering of Labour Party Members and Supporters met to review the lessons of the recent elections, and to work out how best we can move forward.

Before we broke into four workshops (see below), I opened the event with some personal reflections on the election and on the future. Read my notes here.

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Impact of Calais on Kent traffic demands better than short-fixes

It’s not only in politics that a week is a long time. Last week our TV screens were dominated by scenes long queues of stationary lorries stacked up along the M20; of holiday makers stuck in jams; of residents unable to get out of nearby Kent villages and of local businesses losing trade with customers unable to get to them and orders unable to get out. All of them victims of a perfect storm of an industrial dispute closing terminals in Calais and the migrant crisis coinciding with peak holiday travel and an economic recovery boosting cross-channel freight.

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Support Labour? Then register to vote for Labour’s next leader.

We know that politics has to change. That means more than the Labour Party changing. But we can do our bit. And that is why this time not only will every individual Labour member have a vote, but people who support our Party will have a say too.

I will be voting for Yvette Cooper to be Leader and Tom Watson as Deputy. But the votes of MPs like me will count for the same as those of everyone else. Every Labour member and supporter will however be able to vote for the leadership team we each want.

For more information about all the candidates, including blog posts, recordings of their debates – as well as guidance on how to sign up to become a registered supporter to a full member, from as little as £3 – visit the Labour Leadership FAQs page.

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Animal Welfare Round-up Issue #2

Welcome to my second Animal Welfare Round-Up, where I regularly update you on some of the animal causes I have been campaigning on. You can read my inaugural AWRU #1 by clicking here.

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Stepping back in time with WaterAid to support Sanitation and ‘Clean water’ for the World

I stepped back in time this week, taking to WaterAid’s Victorian Street to mark 150 years of Britain’s modern sewers. I was exposed to the sights and smells of an era in which sewage and waste littered our streets, roads and rivers.

Over a third (39%) of the world’s population today still live without sanitation, this is why supporting international developed and UK Aid is so crucial, and why charities like WaterAid are so important.

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