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Iraq – Urgent Action Needed to Stop Slaughter, And Time to Face Up to the Big Picture Too

Nobody can fail to have been affected by the TV images that we have seen of Yazidis stranded without shelter on Mount Sinjar in Northern Iraq. The brutal persecution of Yezidis, Christian, Shia Turkmen and other minorities by The Islamic State Group (formerly known as ISIS) is nothing short of horrific. So too is the totalitarian rule they are imposing on the areas they currently control.

A humanitarian disaster is unfolding in and around Northern Iraq and the international community has been too slow to respond to it. We cannot turn the clock back on that but it is vital that international efforts are ramped up. I therefore support UK participation in those efforts, and through our role in the United Nations and other organisations, we should urgently identify what more can be done.

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Reaction to Ceasefire Breakdown – Richard Burden MP

Responding to the expiry of the ceasefire on the 8 August 2014 Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Britain-Palestine Richard Burden MP said: 

“The expiry of the latest ceasefire means that civilians will once again be those who will suffer most. Those in Israel will again take to shelters from rockets, and those in Gaza will again have nowhere to go which is safe from missiles and shells.

Everyone must redouble efforts for the truce to be reinstated and all the feedback from Gaza, not only from Hamas, is that the blockade has to be lifted. Ceasefire can’t be a cover for Gaza remaining a prison for 1.8 million people, with the world again looking the other way as Israel throws away the key.

In the meantime what we can all do is support the DEC appeal to get the humanitarian aid in that people in Gaza so desperately need.”

You can donate to the DEC Appeal here:

Gaza: Why Outrage Isn’t Enough

Richard Burden MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Britain-Palestine sets out what the international community must to do to stop carnage continuing in Gaza.

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Lights Out – 100 Year Commemoration of WW1

This week marks 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. On the 4 August 1914 Britain declared war on Germany and entered a conflict that changed our country forever. The centenary anniversary is a unique opportunity for us to think about the profound impact the war had on our society, to commemorate those who served and sacrificed for us on the frontline and the home front, and to consider the conflicts still ravaging people’s lives today.

Everyone in the UK is invited to turn their lights out from 10-11pm tonight, and leave on a single light or candle to mark the moment we entered the war a hundred years ago.

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Summer Newsletter from Richard Burden MP

As Parliament breaks for summer recess it’s certainly not been a quite couple of months. This month’s update contains updates on the recent fire at Northfield Manor, the sad passing of former Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones and the election for his successor, and the choice over the future of Northfield’s leisure facilities.

In towns and cities across the world – including here in Birmingham – people are speaking out against the carnage taking place in Gaza. The number of local people that have written to me calling on the UK Government to take action to stop the devastating cycle of violence has been striking. More and more people are saying that the status quo in Israel and Palestine just cannot continue if peace is ever to be achieved.

But we have had some better local news this summer too. From an £8 million investment in transport improvements for Longbridge, to new investment in local leisure facilities and the outstanding success of this year’s Northfield Beach, the sun has certainly been out in South West Birmingham recently!

I hope you enjoy reading this month’s news and remember you can also sign up to receive the monthly newsletter straight to your email account.

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