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Mr Pothole visits Kings Norton

Last Friday, Cllr Pete Griffiths and I welcomed “Mr Pothole” to Kings Norton. Mark “Mr Pothole” Morrell is national campaigner for better road maintenance who I have got to know and respect as Labour’s Shadow Roads Minister.

The purpose of the visit was to look at how Birmingham City Council’s Highways contract is being managed by Amey PLC, using Rednal and Hillmeads Roads in Kings Norton as examples.

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Calling all supporters: I need your help

We all know how fed up people can be with the way the world of politics can seem. Often it can feel like political parties are speaking a different language and bombarding you with buzz words.

In 2010, at the last general election 40% of those eligible chose not to vote at all in our constituency. That’s why I need your help.

I need your help to help me reach all those people who are not engaged in politics – to show them why having a say is so important.

Whether you’ve been one of the many local people that I have supported in casework, or if you support Labour policies like freezing energy bills, cutting tuition fees, or a guaranteed job for people who have been out of work for a long time – it would be great if you could get in touch to let me know why you’re voting.

You can do this either by Facebook, Twitter or email (

You can also help by sharing my posts to your friends or donating via PayPal to my re-election campaign – every £1 helps to get the message out.

Most importantly you can make sure your friends and family are registered to vote. All you need to do is share this link:

Protecting our NHS

Scores of local people have written to me over the past few weeks to ask where I stand on our NHS – whether I will fight privatisation and support a well-funded, public health service in the future.

Put simply, as your Labour MP I will back the NHS as a public health service and ensure it can provide the care we all rely on.

I am absolutely committed to protecting our NHS for the reason the Labour Government created it in 1948 – a national health service based on need, not the ability to pay, and one which is available to everyone – rich or poor, man, woman or child. I believe there is a very urgent need to protect these values and to restore the right ethics into our NHS – which is facing some of the most significant challenges in it’s history.

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A tale of two clean ups…

This week I joined City Council Cabinet member Lisa Trickett and Longbridge Councillor, Andy Cartwright on a visit to meet Frankley Street Champions.

Frankley Street Champions are a brilliant example of local people getting together to make a difference in their area, organising community clean ups and projects to protect the local environment – as well helping lots of individual residents. They are all volunteers but they also get important support from the local Parish Council. In fact, Frankley is the only part of Birmingham to have its own elected Parish Council, having taken advantage of legislation introduced by the last Labour Government which enables local people to stimulate community democracy and participation.

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How ‘dissolution’ affects you

The General Election will take place on May 7th 2015. Parliament will be “dissolved” from March 30th and it will not sit again until after the result of the General Election is known.

I have written to constituents who have contacted me during the past five years to explain how the dissolution of parliament affects them. You can read a copy of this letter here:  Ricard Burden Dissolution Letter to Constituents