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Supermarket Planning Applications near Kings Norton Green

An appeal has now been submitted against the City Council’s refusal of separate Planning Application for a new Sainsburys store on the Car Park of the Navigation Pub near Kings Norton Green. Here are the details of how residents can submit views.

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Tescos to pull out of Northfield High Street

Here is the Letter I have received from Tescos informing me that the store is going to close on or after March 15.

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Ask Me Anything: Put your questions to me live on Facebook & Twitter!

I am delighted to announce I will be hosting an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session between 5.30 – 6.30 pm on Tuesday 3rd February 2015. 

Social media offers exciting opportunities for politicians to engage with local people directly. I believe that it’s really important we use the technology available at our finger tips to help represent you – the people who elect us. I want to reach out to people in as many ways as I can and hope that people will take up the opportunity to ‘Ask Me Anything’.

For those of you not familiar with the format, I will be online, taking questions on any general topic, and answering them in real time on Facebook and Twitter. I want to give everyone in the Northfield area the opportunity to ask their Member of Parliament any question they would like to know the answer to. This is everyone’s chance to ask. It will give constituents the opportunity to get the answers they need and to learn more about me – both as a person and a politician. Read more

National Pothole Day

The Government are failing to listen to the public who know that the major problem with Britain’s roads is the pothole epidemic and the failure to maintain our road infrastructure properly. Ministers care more about a top-down reorganisation of the Highways Agency, who manage 2% of strategic roads, than fixing the 98% of local roads – a third of which are in urgent need of attention.

The Government have committed to spend £15 billion on strategic roads by 2021 and say they are investing record amounts in pothole repair funds too. But Ministers are misleading the public – spending on local road maintenance will decline in real terms in this time, from £920 million a year in 2010 to £865 million a year by 2020.

Commenting on the first National Pothole Day, Labour’s Shadow Roads Minister, Richard Burden MP said:

Britain faces a national pothole epidemic. A third of local roads are in urgent need of repair. Millions of journeys for motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists and other road users are being blighted by potholes and battered roads.

But Tory Ministers are more bothered about a top-down reorganisation of the Highways Agency which looks after just 2% of UK roads. They are also conning the public about what they are doing about pothole Britain. Budgets for local road maintenance have been savaged and in real terms will be lower in 2020 that they were five years ago. It is time the Government sorted their priorities out.

On National Pothole Day people are taking the problem into our own hands. The Street Repairs App will help people report potholes and road problems wreaking havoc in their areas, and help councils to resolve them. It is time the Government listened and fixed pothole Britain.”

Support Sport this National Obesity Awareness Week

It’s two weeks into the New Year and we’re at the point where many of us forget about our resolution of shedding a couple of pounds. With that in mind, this week is National Obesity Awareness Week.

Almost a quarter of children in Birmingham (23.4%) are classified as obese, compared with 10.1% nationally. Meanwhile the number of recorded cases of diabetes is double the UK average, affecting almost 8% of Brummies compared to a 3.5% national average.

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