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Articles about ‘Welfare’

Relaxed to the Point of Complacency – The Government’s Work Capability Assessment

The Work Capability Assessment is clearly not working. A third of the decisions that the health service provider makes are being overturned in appeals. Charities and the medical profession have issued strong criticisms of the assessment process, calling the government’s system inhumane and often inaccurate. I know that assessments are causing real hardship and humiliation for many people in Northfield who are living with severe disabilities and long term illnesses. So who is to blame?

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Welfare reform changes

In recent months I have been contacted by numerous constituents who share concerns over the upcoming welfare reform changes that are being introduced by the government, and how these changes will impact them.

Many Birmingham residents will be affected by the changes. Birmingham City Council have published a guide to the changes, which can be found online here. Read more

PM should drop the Bedroom Tax

Over 13,000 households in Birmingham will be hit by the government’s new Bedroom Tax.

New figures released by the National Housing Federation this week estimate that 13,315 households in Birmingham – including 1,375 here in the Birmingham Northfield constituency – will be affected when the tax starts in April. Read more

Three in ten Birmingham children growing up in poverty

The child poverty figures published today paint a stark picture.

One in five British children live below the poverty line. Across Birmingham it is up to three in ten – and in parts of the constituency it is as high as four in ten. This poverty cripples a child’s chance to lead a happy and healthy life and makes it so much harder for them to reach their potential. Read more

A tax on strivers

Last week the government voted for an unfair attack on the tax credits and working benefits which millions of people rely on to get by.

Many working families are finding things really tough at the moment. They do the right thing, get up early, work a long day, but still they struggle to make ends meet. Many of them use tax credits and benefits to top up their income as without them work wouldn’t pay. Read more