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Articles about ‘Political reform’

Devolution must reach people on the edge

Last year’s independence referendum, and the massive increase in support for the Scottish Nationalists at the General Election, have inevitably focused attention about how and where decisions should be made across the different nations of the UK. It’s also clear that big questions must be answered about how power is devolved – not only to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but within England too. About time too.

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Open Up! Digitalising UK Democracy

A few weeks ago we saw the publication of an ambitious new report looking into how digital technology can help shape the future UK politics.

The Commission was ground-breaking in a number of ways and its’ conclusions are broad and ambitious. I would encourage anyone interested to read it via their impressive interactive website. I also wanted to offer a few thoughts on the five key recommendations they highlighted around digital technology and politics.

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Have your say on May 7!

Today is National Voter Registration Day!

Raising awareness of National Voter Registration Day is even more important as parents can no longer sign up adult children and Universities can no longer sign up students.

It only takes 5 minutes to #RegisterToVote online, do it now:

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Ensure Your Voice is Heard – Check You Are Registered to Vote

I know how fed up people are about the way Governments and Councils behave. Sometimes it seems like politicians are all show, talking a different language and not listening to what people are saying to us. I have always tried to be a different kind of politician – taking up the issues that matter to local people and giving residents a say in the decisions that matter to you.

So I am really worried about the changes the Government have been making to the electoral system, which may mean millions of people are not able to vote in the General Election May 2015. Under the new rules individuals are no longer allowed to register other people in their house to vote. That means every member of a shared house has to add themselves individually to the electoral role, and parents will no longer be able to sign up adult children.

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Recall of MPs Bill – My Views

Lots of local people have written to me about the Recall of MP’s Bill, which is currently being considered in Committee Stage in the House of Commons.

I absolutely support the principle of right to recall when an MP has done something wrong. I think it would be really important for strengthening our democracy – and may go some way to help to restore public trust in politics. I do not believe the Bill that the Government has brought forward is strong enough – which is why Labour is seeking to widen the scope of offences in which and MP could be recalled, and reduce the number of days of suspension which would trigger the recall process. As a Party, we have long championed the right of recall – and it was in our last Manifesto.

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