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Articles about ‘International Development’

Debates on Afghanistan and tax in developing countries

Last year the House of Commons International Development Committee, which I am a member of, published a number of reports including:

Yesterday there were debates in Parliament covering these two reports. Read more

IDC: Government should end general budget support to Rwanda

The International Development Committee has today published a new report on UK aid to Rwanda.

The report says that the UK should not provide general budget support to Rwanda in future since, according to the recent UN report, the Government there is continuing to support the M23 Rebel Group fighting in the DRC. Read more

Syrian refugees in Jordan

On a delegation with the All-Party Parliamentary Jordan Group, I visited Ramtha in the north of Jordan with Andrew Harper from UNHCR to look at the situation facing refugees fleeing from Syria and the impact this is having in Jordan.

We must keep our promise to the world’s poorest people

Seven years ago the UK led countries in pledging to spend 0.7% of gross national income on overseas development assistance. It’s a promise the world made to itself. It’s a promise I’m proud of. It’s a promise we should stick by.

And when we are talking about numbers, and percentages, and targets, we shouldn’t forget what we are really talking about – improving the lives of the poorest people in our world.

Read more

Could you live without a toilet?

It’s hard to imagine living without something as simple – and vital – as a toilet. Yet just over 150 years ago this was the daily reality for many people in the UK. Without adequate sanitation or safe water to drink, disease was rife. It was the cause of child mortality levels found in Africa today. Read more