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Articles about ‘International Development’

Action needs to follow rhetoric at G8

There is enough food in the world to feed everyone. But every year 2.3 million children die from malnutrition. If we’re going to put a stop to this global injustice we need radical change.

Hosting the G8 in Northern Ireland today and tomorrow (17-18 June), the UK once again has the opportunity to demonstrate its ability to show global leadership.

Alongside hundreds of charities and Ivan Lewis, Shadow International Development Secretary, I have been calling David Cameron to use the summit to achieve a commitment by all the G8 countries to meet their aid targets, tackle tax havens and tax avoidance, and fight for greater transparency.

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Solving Global Hunger Starts at Home – Let’s Cut Food Waste

I am a member of the House of Commons International Development Committee (IDC.) Today, we launched a report on Global Food Security – a huge issue both within the UK and overseas.

High and volatile food prices are rarely out of the news at the moment, especially after the two recent shocks in global food prices in 2008 and 2011. Only last week I helped to lead a food drive for Northfield Life Line Food Bank to raise much needed stock as their demand skyrockets.

One of the most important messages from the report is the action we can all take to tackle hunger. It is shocking that between 30-50% of food produce worldwide is wasted while millions go hungry. The average UK household wastes 20% of their food.

The Government must take urgent action to stop this. We are calling for a public consumer campaign to raise awareness, more redistribution schemes such as FoodShare to recycle food, and a clear target for food waste that producers and retailers must meet – or face a penalty.

Food insecurity is one of the defining issues off our time, and it is a clear reminder that we can’t separate local issues from the international agenda. I hope the report helps demonstrate that we can all take action to solve the crisis.

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World Water Day

Today – 22nd March – is World Water Day. The day provides the opportunity to highlight the global water crisis and the wider impact it has on education, health, gender equality and peace.

During my recent visit to Ethiopia with the International Development Committee I was reminded why clean water and sanitation need to be at the heart of development. They are not just essential needs – they also help prevent disease, improve food production and make it easier for girls to go to school. Read more

Visit to primary school in Ethiopia

MPs urge PM to end extreme poverty

New global development goals to end extreme poverty, improve health and education, and promote sustainability must be simple and measurable.

Today the House of Commons International Development Select Committee, which I am a member of, published a new report on post-2015 development goals. Read more