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Articles about ‘Crime and safety’

West Midlands hardest hit by government’s police cuts

I am calling on the government to rethink its approach to policing after figures released today show that police numbers have fallen to the lowest for a decade, including the loss of 1,077 officers across the West Midlands.

Today’s figures show that there are now 8,000 fewer officers on the streets in England and Wales, at a time when personal crime, which includes theft and violence, has gone up by 11% – the biggest increase in a decade. Read more

Richard attends Constituency Convention to look at how we can tackle crime and promote community safety in Northfield

The annual Northfield Constituency Convention took place on Saturday 28 June. This year’s theme focussed on community safety and what is being done to make Northfield safer.

Knife crime has recently dominated the headlines. It is a very serious issue – Richard recently wrote about it in his Westminster Diary (online here). But it is not the whole picture. And at the end of June people in Northfield came together to look at the wider issue of community safety.

Richard was there to discuss this issue and give a speech on ‘A community approach to tackling crime and promoting community safety’.

The event was attended by representatives from residents and community groups, the Council, the police, fire and health services, the Northfield youth forum and a range of other organisations. Read more