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Motorsport: a global and local success story

7 of the world’s ten F1 teams are British and Britain’s £9bn motorsport industry is a global success story, employing over 40,000 people. That is why, as well as drivers, the UK needs to always be looking to nurture the next generation of designers, engineers, aerodynamicists and technicians who can keep us ahead.

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Rise in road casualties highlight impact of cuts in road safety and police budgets

This week  the Government published the annual statistics on reported road casualties in Great Britain.

Behind these figures are personal tragedies for thousands of families up and down the country whose loved ones have been killed or injured on our roads.

They should be a wake-up call for Ministers. After decades of progress, for some time there have been worrying rises in casualty rates for months. The rises in fatalities is particularly serious amongst vulnerable road users like pedestrians (12% increase from last year) and cyclists (4%  up from last year).

As Shadow Roads Minister I have called on Government Minister to get to the bottom of why this is happening, including assessing the impact of cuts in road safety and police budgets. And they should bring back targets for improving road safety so we can both get both incentives and accountability back into the system.

MG Rover – Ten Years On

Today is ten years to the day since the collapse of MG Rover in Longbridge. Like other people who live around here, I will never forget the scenes at Q Gate at the plant on the morning of 8th April, 2005. 6,000 people lost their jobs. But it wasn’t only that loss that was devastating. The collapse affected whole families, and the community here that MGR had been at the heart of for so long.

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10 Years on from MG Rover Collapse – My Parliamentary Debate

April 2015 will mark ten years since the collapse of MG Rover in Longbridge. I know people around here will never forget it. When the company closed in 2005 six thousand people lost their jobs and were left utterly exposed. But the impact went beyond those workers – the collapse affected whole families, and the community that MGR had been at the heart of for a century.

This week I secured a Westminster Hall debate on the collapse of MG Rover which you can read here. I not only wanted to talk about the profound impact it had on our local area, but on the wider region and for the Government’s policy on corporate governance, pensions and employment law too.

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Much more to do on low emission vehicles

Responding to the Government’s announcement for investment in Ultra Low Emission Vehicles from 2015-2020, Labour’s Shadow Roads Minister Richard Burden MP, said:

“We need to cut emissions on our roads if we are going to meet our climate change targets and improve air quality. But this Government has badly mismanaged funding for low emission vehicles, missing their investment target for 2010-2015.

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