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Articles about ‘Motor industry’

MPs Shown Winning Formula at McLaren

Last week (Thursday 24 October), I was delighted to lead a cross-party visit of MPs and Lords to the McLaren Technology Centre, as part of an industry visit organised by the Motor All-Party Parliamentary Group and the Industry and Parliament Trust.

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Driving Success – a new vision for the motor industry

In addition to granting us some beautiful weather, Summer 2013 has also shone a light on one of the brightest industries our country has to offer – motor. On 12 July 2013 ‘Driving Success’, the first ever comprehensive industrial strategy for UK automotive, was launched by Government and leading industry bodies.

Read my thoughts on the strategy in a new blog for Motortrades Insight here.

Latest arguments about what happened at MG Rover in 2005 must not obscure what was important then, and what is important now

The accountants Deloitte have lost an appeal over a regulatory ruling that it failed to manage conflicts of interest in its advice to the MG Rover Group and the “Phoenix Four” directors, who bought the UK carmaker before it collapsed in 2005.

It is highly concerning that the Tribunal found Deloitte and Mr Einollahi, the partner involved, to have demonstrated “a persistent and deliberate disregard of the fundamental principles” of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) – falling far short of the standards expected. Deloitte have written to me expressing their disappointment at the outcome of the appeal, and telling me that the implications for public interest go well beyond the case of MG Rover. The full Tribunal decision has not been published yet so I cannot comment fully on the ruling at this stage.

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Govt must fuel UK automotive ambition

Just two weeks ago, the world’s fiercest and fastest racing drivers returned to Silverstone for what turned out to be a thrilling British Grand Prix. While our exceptional British drivers have had mixed fortunes on the track this season, for me the return of Formula One to our shores is always an ideal opportunity to recognise British success in automotive more widely. Read more

Guest column for Motortrades Insight

Welcome to my first column. I’m excited to start sharing my parliamentary perspective with Motortrades Insight, and the online automotive community. As a West Midlands MP with Longbridge in my constituency, an interest in automotive kind of goes with the territory, but it’s more than that. The automotive industry has been in my blood for as long as I can remember.

And when I say “automotive”, I don’t only mean the big car makers, vital though they are. I also mean the supply chain, retail and after-sales and the UK’s world-class performance engineering and motor sports sector. As someone who has dabbled in racing myself and remains a fan, the latter is something particularly close to my heart.

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