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I receive hundreds of campaign emails each week which are often identical in content and come from websites like 38 Degrees and Due to the numbers involved, I am not able to respond to every individual e-mail of this kind. In this section of my website you can see my views on the issues that constituents have contacted me about using a campaign template email. Please click on the campaign title you are interested in to see my response. If a campaign response that you are looking for is not yet here please do keep checking. If you would like a direct response from me, please email me at to say this.


June 2018:



Criminal Justice System

Defend Israel

Prescription charges for long-term health conditions 

NHS bursary for post graduate nursing students

Upskirt photographs

Dementia Action Week

Treatment of gamebirds 

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

National Planning Policy Framework


May 2018:

Export of live farm animals

Killing of Palestinian protestors in Gaza

Financial support for young cancer patients 

Arms exports to Israel

Leveson 2 

Fur Free Britain 

NHS funding

Independent Age Social Care