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Relocation of Channel 4

Today the House of Commons debated the relocation of Channel 4. In March Channel 4 announced its 4 for All the UK Plan to increase its presence across the country and create a new National HQ and two creative hubs outside of London.

Our region deserves its fair share of investment from the UK’s national broadcasters. Moving its headquarters to Birmingham would also be a smart and forward-looking choice for Channel 4.

Channel 4 prides itself on being a broadcaster that looks to the future. If Channel 4 want to reflect the UK of tomorrow, they should look to the West Midlands of today and the massive reservoir of talent in our young and diverse population and select the West Midlands as its new headquarters.

Channel 4’s mission has always been to disrupt, challenge, pioneer and fight for new voices to be heard. In the West Midlands, that is what we do. It’s time for C4 and our region to get closer.