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Listening to Pensioners

I was out and about in February, talking to local Pensioners groups, listening to their views about the future of pensions in this country.

As a result of the increase in government investment under Labour, nearly two million pensioners have been lifted out of poverty. In addition, changes brought in by the Government mean that 14,035 pensioners benefit from the Winter Fuel Allowance, worth at least £200, with an extra £100 for those aged over 80. In addition, Labour has introduced free TV licences for the over 75s, free eye tests and reduced the Tories’ VAT on fuel. 4,242 pensioner households in Northfield are benefiting from Pension Credit, which rewards saving.  For further information about the Pension Credit call 0800 991 234. In addition, the new Pensions Service set up by the government runs information sessions for local people.

Labour has done a lot but there is a lot more still to do both for today’s pensioners and those of tomorrow. We have set up a Pension Commission to look at the options for the future. Hearing the views of local pensioners directly helps me represent them effectively when these things are discussed in Parliament.